Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Words @ Zebulon 11/27/11

The Rattlemouth guy mentioned this looked good when they telling us about the Zeb lineup the night before.  It prompted me to check them out on-line before I went and it did look good.

I could only stay for about 1/2 hour or so, but I really enjoyed it.  It was experimental jazz musicians re-interpreting Bartok music in an experimental jazz trippy kind of way.  It was great.  Since they are from Brooklyn I will hopefully get another opportunity to see the full show at some point.

It looks like the EP is available on-line:

Little Worlds is dedicated to innovative reinterpretations of the Mikrokosmos collection. Written by 20th century Hungarian composer Bela Bartok, Mikrokosmos, or Little Worlds, was originally intended as a progressive study of piano technique. Since their completion in 1939, the study and performance of these 153 etudes has become standard in the classical music community. Offering insight into Bartok’s innovative use of rhythm, harmony and musicality, the pieces are often cited as the master composer’s most important musical testament. These brief melodies are inflected with new meaning by guitarist, Ryan Mackstaller, trombonist Rick Parker and drummer Tim Kuhl. The trio draws from their dynamic musical experiences in the rock, jazz, avant garde and improvised music scenes of Brooklyn, NY in their dynamic performance of these classical etudes. Book One is the ensemble's debut EP
released 14 June 2011 Rick Parker - Trombone + Effects Ryan Mackstaller - Guitar + Effects Tim Kuhl - Drums + Cymbals

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