Sunday, July 31, 2011

World Premiere Jazz Quintet @ Jazz Bar, Edinburgh 7/9/11

I'm told there's one jazz club in the city, The Jazz Bar.  I have a feeling there's more if you really look for it, but I didn't.  They have 3 bands a night. We stopped by early to check it out before dinner.  We were able to pay the £4 cover to save the additional £1 it would have cost later.  It was acoustic tea time and we instead went to dinner.  We came back for the jazz quintet scheduled 9-12.

The alto, tenor, and piano were all especially good.  Lots of frenetic modal playing from the saxophones which I enjoyed a lot.  I didn't care for all the ballads, though.  It seemed every other song was a ballad.  It was also a hangout for lots of talkers.  The band did play after midnight and more and more talkers were coming in.  That was disappointing for me.  But, it was still a great bar.  Edinburgh is a great place for good food and drink.

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