Monday, July 25, 2011

Deux Piano @ Cafe Universal, Paris 7/6/11

I stumbled upon a jazz record store near St. Genevieve that was about to close.  The proprietor said he could help me quickly if I knew what I wanted.  I said "I'm looking for live jazz tonight.". He gave me a great brochure with a bunch of options.  I wanted to find local artists, so I decided to try this place, Cafe Universel.  It was a good location for a tourist to see because it brought me past the Sorbonne and past Jardin du Luxembourg and up a little further.  That's one of the best parts about finding the music, is finding different areas of the city I might not get to otherwise.

There was no cover and it was fun.  The 2 pianists were Alexandre Saada and Philippe Baden Powell. When I got there, they were doing "One Day My Prince Will Come".  One guy was on the piano and the other on the keyboard set to sound like an organ.  It was OK.  Then they switched and it got good.  They did something a little a funkier and each sounded better on the other instrument.  They were taking a break right after that.  I noticed some brochures, so I got up to put money in the hat and get the jazz flyers.  I sat back down on my barstool and the bartender put one more thing in front of me, Lylo.  It may as well have been solid gold!  The real listings of all the jazz clubs and what is going on the next 2 months.  Jackpot!  I hope to get a post about this guide going.

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