Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harlem Nocturne et Jean-Michel Proust @ Caveau De La Hauchette, Paris 7/6/11

The guide, Lylo, shows the venues by arrondisements.  I was in the 5th, so I decided this was the night to do the Latin Quarter.  I tried le Petit Journel St. Michel, but it was a trad/modern jazz band from Ireland.  I can see a higher level of that any time.

I went to Caveau De La Hauchette because it was local musicians.  That's a fun place.  Couples go there to dance.  I liked the band.  2 tenors, drums and bass.  It was fun.  I stayed for a few and called it a night.  I'd been out all day and it was after 11.

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