Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Ronnie Scott Allstars @ Ronnie Scott's, London 7/2/11

I landed that morning and spent the day sleeping and finishing booking the Paris portion of the trip. So, once it was time to get out, about 9-10 UK time, 4-5 NY time, I was itching to see some of the city.  I wanted to see some music at The Vortex, but after a long time on the subway (they were having crew change issues), I bailed on that to see some of the city.  I got off at Oxford Circle and walked around a bit and had something to eat. When I consulted my map, I discovered I was right by 2 jazz clubs, Pizza Express and Ronnie Scott's.  I already heard Ronnie Scott's is the fancy one, and I just figured no fancy jazz clubs can hold a candle to Dizzy's, Birdland and Jazz standard.  Also, none of the listings were grabbing me.

So I head over to Pizza Express.  It looks like they had a singer and were already done for the night - it was a little after 11.  I asked if there was any jazz this late and was sent to Ronnie Scott's.  Out front I saw it was a funk band from London.  I couldn't get in at first because it was full due to reservations.  I asked if they release reservations for no shows at some point.  I was told to wait about 10 min.  A smoker outside told me she just gave up a ticket, so there should be at least 1.  I mentioned that to the door guy and a few min later I was in and paying a whopping almost 40 pounds to get a seat.

The opening band was still on.  I was happy to be there and enjoyed the funk trio.  They ended with a funky Caravan.  I must admit I was missing Skerik in that moment, but it was still fun.
The Ronnie Scott's All Stars are comprised of some of  the greatest talents on the U.K scene, including some of our most regular performers James Pearson (piano), Sam Burgess (bass) and Pedro Segundo (drums)

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