Thursday, July 28, 2011

Secret Chiefs 3 @ Glazart, Paris 7/7/11

It was way hot inside the room.  I met some locals and had a lot of fun.  The band was great.  The room is about the size of Le Poisson Rouge.  While there was no A/C inside, there was lots of nice space outside when the band wasn't playing.  There were lots of bands listed, but I missed all of them except the headliner.  Since that was why I was there, it worked out great.

I stayed as long as I could bear it and loved what I saw.  It's a great band.  It was hard to see unless you were up front and it was too hot to be in too deep.  Still, I could see something since the stage was so elevated.  I love this band.

Here's some video from night:

Here's the whole lineup, even though I missed most of it:
Hassen K
Institut Bancal et Chantel Morte
Secret Chiefs 3

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