Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jam Session @ The Passing Cloud, Lomdon, 7/3/11

The London Improvisers were done and I had a flyer for this (got it from the top of the upright piano at The Vortex that afternoon).  It was a short walk from Cafe Oto.  It was a lot of fun.  Jam session at Passing Cloud means lots of African percussion and some African vocals.  Oh yeah!  I didn't stay too long - it's a hassle to get back to my friend's place late night.  Also, I was gonna do my quick 22.5 hour stay in Wales, leaving the next day.  I didn't want it to turn in to a 14 hour stay if I stayed out too late this night.  I danced and had a good time for about an hour.
 Passing Clouds is a collective of artists and musicians in the Dalston area with their own venue on Richmond Road with the best live music and parties in town.

We champion the beauty of interaction between diverse cultures and facilitate communication between creative disciplines and community-focused pursuits, in particular providing a platform for musical and artistic expression, conscious education, social welfare and above all, harmony amongst people.

Passing Clouds hosts daily evening events that consist of film screenings, talks and gatherings in collaboration with local action groups, intimate concerts and recitals ranging from traditional Asian and West African music to jazz, live music showcases featuring some of the finest talent touching on genres from every corner of the globe, conscious cinema and jam sessions.

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