Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oud Music @ RMA 7/20/11

Apparently, the Rubin Museum of Art has free acoustic music on Wed nights for Happy Hour 5-7pm.  That fit into my jet lag schedule.  The music is off and a little away from the bar.  It was at the bottom of the spiral stairs that go up to  the 5 floors of exhibits.  You didn't have to pay to sit in front of the music.  You also couldn't bring food or drink over to the music area.  Theoretically you could hear them from the bar area, but due to the acoustics on there it gets very loud.  I loved the setup - having the music a little separate worked for me.

I got there at about 6:15 and they played til about 6:45, which was perfect.  It was 2 ouds and a percussionist.  The 2 ouds looked a little different.  I found out there's no standard.  To be an oud, it must be fretless and have the shape.  One guy had 2 more holes on the face.  I loved hearing the 2 together.

The percussionist was great.  He had many different instruments.  2 of them were attached to his legs.  One was an interesting contraption with bells in it.  It was strapped to the top of his foot. When he lightly stomped his foot while playing a drum the sound was similar to using cymbals.  It was very cool.  On the other leg he had those strings of something like shells strapped to his calf.

He also had small shakeres, a tambourine, a few differing drums he could hold and play, and a cuchon.  He had some interesting brushes and sticks (maybe just one brush and one stick).

It was very nice, enjoyable music.

Brandon Terzic, Tomchess, and Mavrothi Kontanis
Three of the youngest and brightest oud players in New York City combine their experiences and playing styles to create a rich tapestry of sound.

Don’t forget about Himalayan Happy Hour…
Every Wednesday evening at the Cafe @ RMA unwind with friends and co-workers with a glass of wine or pot of tea with savories and sweets. Enjoy a special happy hour discount on select items while listening to local musicians as they fill the air with sounds from across the globe.

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