Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joe Russo Trio @ Rose 10/17/10

Yes!  It's been way too long since I've seen Joe Russo.  I'm very impressed with this trio, which was actually a quartet for this set, with the addition of a violin (or was it a viola?) I think Joe met moments before the gig.  It was awesome.  It looked like it was all improvising.  I was drawn to it due to Joe Russo and Todd Sickafoose.  Of course, it's the Guitar Festival, so the guitar is bound to good.  He was.  I have to pay attention to the listings and look out for Jonathan Goldberger he was great.  He had a lot of electronics at his feet and he used them skillfully in addition to playing the guitar.

It was an awesome show and the set was about an hour.  There was a low turnout for the festival, so they didn't even charge the cover.  I inquired about where I pay the cover and was told they would pass the hat.  There was a literal metal hat on a stand in front of the stage, ready to be filled.  I loved it, but wished they walked around with it as there was about 25+ people for this and it helps get the contributions.  It was a great band and a great set and they deserve to be paid.

Anyway, more confirmation that you now have to go to Brooklyn to be able to see everything.  There's a lot of great music that doesn't seem to be making over to Manhattan these days.

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