Wednesday, October 13, 2010

hotROMania IV @ Porgy and Bess, Vienna, 10/8/10

This is a nice jazz club in Vienna.  You pay once (15 Euro on this night) and can stay for both sets.  Each seat is facing the stage and there are little tables interspersed.  The seats are comfy and while there's lots of seats, it isn't too tight.  There is also an upstairs with a balcony, but this night everyone was downstairs.

The first set was more straight ahead regular music with great piano, bass, and sax.  I must say I didn't notice the drums at all which probably means it was basic jazz drumming.  I would have noticed if it was bad.  The 2nd set included a pan flute that was awesome and it was traditional Romanian jazz.

It was a nice experience and I'm glad I made it there.
Florin Raducanu „Improvisation on the music on the world“ (ROM/USA)
Florin Raducanu: piano
Dalila Cernatescu: pan flute
Sebastian Mihai: tenor saxophone
Adrian Flautistu: bass
Eugen Nichiteanu: drums 

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