Monday, October 25, 2010

Dave Douglas & Keystone: Spark of Being @ Highline 10/25/10

This was awesome!  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is one of my all-time favorite books.  This was music performed live while watching an experimental film about the book.  I loved it.  I need to re-read it.  I thought it was all very well done.  The film basically gave a visual interpretation of the book.  It was probably more enjoyable if you know the book.  The music is probably great without the film.  They started with one opening piece without a visual and the rest was a different piece for each section of the film.  It's hard to describe - you had to be there.

The soundtrack has DJ Olive.  I'm not sure who we had last night.

Dave Douglas & Keystone
Spark of Being
A Film by Bill Morrison
Dave Douglas - trumpet
Markus Strickland - sax
Adam Benjamin - rhodes
Brad Jones - bass
Gene Lake - drums
?? - laptop
Music for electric sextet with trumpet, tenor/soprano sax, rhodes, electric bass, drums, and turntables. Inspired by films, written for films, both new and old.
SPARK OF BEING, the newest release from Douglas' Grammy-nominated Keystone band, is a collaboration between Douglas and experimental film-maker Bill Morrison. Spark Of Being is a film retelling the Frankenstein myth with accompanying Douglas soundtrack. Further info at Greenleaf Music.
KEYSTONE, the first DD&K studio recording, is available at Greenleaf Music as a two disc package: one CD of just the music, and one DVD containing two 1916 Arbuckle silent films with new musical accompaniment. This package was nominated for a Grammy in 2006. A live recording from Umea, Sweden from October 2005 is also available on Greenleaf Music's specially priced Paperback Series. The recording captures the band with Gene Lake, Marcus Strickland, Adam Benjamin, Brad Jones, and DJ Olive. The New York City premiere of this project took place at Zankel Hall on February 18, 2006 as part of John Adams' In Your Ear series.

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