Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bolero Jazz @ 5C Cafe 10/13/10

It's shocking that I hadn't been to this awesome little spot at 5th and C until now. They usually have good music and I hear the food is good as well. It looks like the music is from 8-10:30 and there is a tip jar in lieu of a cover. It's a great place to hang in between sets at The Stone. They have a bar/cafe setup, which means everything a person would want.

I loved the music. They say they have different amalgamations, and my first time seeing them it was great to just be a guitar/bass duo. I was falling asleep during the 2nd set due to jetlag, so I had to leave early. This is definitely a venue to keep track of! I'm looking forward to seeing this band again.
Time Out New York (April 14, 2010)

Trudy Silver, cofounder and artistic director of 15-year-old cultural center 5C (68 Avenue C at E 5th St; 212-477-5993,, says of Bolero Jazz Wednesdays (7:30pm, free), “It’s not really a dance thing; it’s more intimate. There’s a grand piano. It’s like a living room.”

Leading the Latin-flavored musical evening is Puerto Rican bass player Joe Falcon, who has been a fixture at 5C ever since it opened its doors back in 1995. “He tells stories of life on the island, and people he’s worked with, but doesn’t make you feel like you need to speak Spanish to know what he’s talking about”

Falcon, a retired social worker, brings along singer Andrea Oliva, conga maestro Emilio Ortega and guitarist Luis Rodriguez, though each week promises a whole new lineup of musicians who share the stage with him. For some post-show nibbles, you can keep up the lowkey vibe with dishes like fresh hummus served with raw veggies, pita wedges and crostini ($10)—plus a glass of wine ($6–$10), of course.

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