Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lubriphonic @ Brooklyn Bowl 7/31/10

I had them on my list after I saw them sit in with The New Mastersounds at NOLA HOB. This show was OK. They need a singer or to go completely instrumental. The guitar player did the singing. He's great on the guitar and OK on the singing.

I enjoyed the music more at first. I started thinking about how they should do a little mini-tour/double bill with BuzzUniverse. It would introduce the other band to each of their markets and help them both grow. I also enjoyed most of the instrumental parts. I just didn't care for the "soul funk" type songs or the vocals. I did like their choice of covers.

I talked to someone who saw them open for The New Mastersounds in NOLA. He said they were way better that night. They had more people and blew everybody away. That means I will have to give them another chance.

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