Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dave Binney Group @ Joe's Pub 8/7/10

Dave Binney really knows how to put a band together! This show was nothing but amazing and captivating. I could see Brian, but not all of him or his kit. That didn't seem to matter much since I kept getting caught by Craig's piano playing. There were times his hands were moving so fast, they were just a blur.

There was one part where it sounded to me like Brian was playing with his hands, but it was actually mallets. It was awesome. I also liked him on tambourine. He is one of THE best drummers around.

I couldn't see Eivind, but he sounded awesome. Dave was as great as always.

They are recording soon. Yeah!

I found a review from another blog:
Mr. Binney, an alto saxophonist given to a robust and kinetic strain of postbop, works on Saturday with a version of the slashing group heard on “Third Occasion” (Mythology), released last year: the keyboardist Craig Taborn, the bassist Eivind Opsvik and the drummer Brian Blade.

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