Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Inbetweens @ Littlefeld 8/14/10

I caught the last 20 min. I hadn't realized this was Mike Gamble. It was great. A trio with Mike Gamble on guitar, an upright bass and intense drums. It was definitely in the creative "avant" realm. If you know Mike Gamble's work, you can get an idea of what this was. It was awesome.

Here's a listing from an Ars Nova gig:
The Inbetweens
Mike Gamble, el. guitar
Noah Jarrett, double-bass
Conor Elmes, drums

“This exploratory trio belongs to a social network of musicians who filter jazz protocols through an indie-rock lens.” -Nate Chinen, The New York Times

The Inbetweens emerged in the summer of 2002, from the roots of improvisation, curiosity and like minds. They collectively weave melodies and vamps into intricate spider webs of rhythm. The trio circles each other like predators seeking the same prey, forcing the standard guitar trio format to walk the plank. Before they were The Inbetweens, they lived in Boston, where they each spent time gigging and studying jazz at the New England Conservatory of Music with gurus such as Bob Moses, George Garzone, John Lockwood and John Abercrombie. Since, guitarist Mike Gamble, bassist Noah Jarrett, and drummer Conor Elmes have been performing bi-monthly as a trio in NYC. As a rhythm section, they have backed up the sufi-rockers Brooklyn Qawwali Party, Philadelphia soul singer Candice Manson, and have separately toured with the Youngblood Brass Band, Cougar, Haale, Todd Sickafoose and Mamadou Diabate. Since their inception, the trio have put out three self-released albums, and are excited to have released "Quantum Cowboy", on Madison, WI’s Layered Records.

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