Monday, February 8, 2010

Trout Scream @ Bar 9 2/5/10

I opted out of going to Galactic due to the Terminal 5 factor. I had a fun evening in the area at an awesome play called Found earlier. I couldn't drum up interest among my friends to join me for the after-show. Still, I knew I wanted to go to this.

It was great funk. I didn't think it was generic at all. Will Bernard definitely caught me the most. Tony Mason had me at various times. I loved the Brooklin Boogaloo Blowout bass and keyboard guys. This was great music.

We had a sitin from Stanton the first set that was great. Alicia Rau sat in for much of the 2nd set. She is a talented trumpet player. I used to see her in Ma Skillet and the Funky Fritters. I love funky horns!

We were reminded of the band Frequinox. Wow! Blast from the past. Rob Mercurio and Stanton Moore came up to remind us of those days during the 2nd set.

It was a lot of fun and reminiscent of Tobacco Road days. They ended that 2nd set at 3:30.
I liked the space, aside from the location. I saw the baritone sax from Burnt Sugar in a picture out front. I saw another picture that looked like Kenny Wollensen on vibes. I would schlep uptown for that! Even when it got crowded, I never felt too closed in. I could always find somewhere with breathing room to dance.

*TROUT SCREAM*featuring:WILL BERNARD(Gtr - TJ Kirk/Stanton Moore Trio)TIM LUNTZEL(Bass - Rosanne Cash/Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout)TONY MASON(Drums - Charlie Hunter Trio/Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout)ANDREW SHERMAN(Keys - Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout)

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