Monday, February 15, 2010

Improv Night @ The Stone 2/14/10

I went to the 2nd set. Good thing, since that was the one with Kenny! This was a great one! The pieces were longer, so we had less ensembles. I loved every minute.

The first piece included John Zorn, Kenny Wollensen and Shanir Blumenkranz. It was very close to stellar straight-ahead jazz, modern Coltrane style. It was also quite different from that, as it was all improv. I loved seeing these 3 together in this format. It was also a nice long piece. Zorn is one of the greats on the alto! It was awesome to see Shanir on the jazzy bass. I loved it!

Next was 5 women: Ikue Morie, Annie Gosfield, the tap dancer that is in Cyro's Beat the Donkey, a piano player, and a vocalist. This was awesome! I was mainly watching the tap dancer. She started by playing bubble wrap, crinkling it and rubbing it against the floor. Later, she came out and danced. The music was excellent and it all meshed so well. Toward the end of the piece, she tap danced on the bubble wrap. There were some very cool sounds coming from each of them.

Then there was a piece with Toby Driver on guitar, a drummer, and the pianist. Toby was making a lot of bass sounds. he was turned to the side, but I'm pretty sure it was a guitar. I'm not sure how he did it, if so. He did have a lot of pedals and buttons at his feet.

Next it was an awesome, somewhat grooving in a very experimental way, Toby/Kenny/Annie piece. I don't know what that square drum Kenny was playing with a stick, but I love love love the sound.

After that, it was an awesome piece with everyone.

Yes, another successful and satisfying Improv Night!

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