Friday, February 12, 2010

Emilio Sola Jazz Tango @ Jazz Standard 2/9/09

I love this stuff! I'm so glad Jazz Standard keeps booking tango type music! I know there is a big NYC tango scene, but it involves tango dancing. While I'm glad there's a big interest in that, I prefer to bop however I'm feeling in my chair and simply enjoy the music.

It was great and definitely more on the jazz side. My favorite piece was dedicated to a master drummer from Argentina who was in the audience. At the beginning of that piece, 3 Uruguayan drummers came walking up to the stage from the bar playing the drums. The accordion and sax left the stage for that piece so it was heavy on the drums and great.

I enjoyed all of it and they are all very talented musicians.

Emilio Solla & The Tango Jazz Conspiracy
Emilio Solla – piano
Chris Cheek – saxophones
Victor Prietoaccordeon
Jorge Roeder – bass
Richie Barshay – drums

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