Sunday, February 21, 2010

Masada Marathon 2/18/10

A 2nd night! That's just too awesome! It was all fantastic and different from the night before. I wonder how many nights and how many musicians would be required to do all of Zorn's Masada. Many many, I'm sure.

The Uri Caine solo was everything! It was out of this world! It set the tone for an incredible night.

The Masada String Trio! Mark Feldman! Greg Cohen! Eric Friedlander! Now I see that Feldman and Courvoissier were playing Masada the night before. I finally got it that everyone was playing Zorn's Masada. I was thrown off by Banquet of Spirits the night before. Anyway, this string trio blew me away! Zorn even got them to give us an encore.

Greg Cohen stayed up to play with Jamie Saft on piano and Joey Baron on drums. This is a POWER trio! Absolutely amazing!

A solo set by Eric Friedlander is always welcome in my book. It was stellar as always.

The quartet turned into a quintet with the addition of the great Chris Potter on tenor. I was surprised and elated when he came out. Zorn was on alto, Dave Douglass on trumpet, Joey Baron on drums, and Greg Cohen on bass. Riveting! They gave us a killer encore as well.

Wow! Another couple of incredible nights of music.

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