Monday, February 15, 2010

Mardi Gras Ball @ LPR 2/13/10

Ahh Yeah! This was a great show! I love the space, it's so much better than Sullivan Hall. I really wanted to see Tab Benoit - I hadn't seen him out of NOLA before. But, it was hard to get there by the 7:30 listed time. I got there at 8:45 and was told they just came on 10 minutes ago. Yeah! They were great. It was so good to start with excellent NOLA blues. Of course, everyone is still on the Super Bowl high. Tab hasn't been home yet, so he keeps celebrating every night.

Bonerama was awesome. They started with The Other Ones. I really love that song, and they did an awesome rendition. Their whole set kicked butt! It was a much better venue. I love the lighting and how you can see. I also love how they don't shine the lights around in our eyes. This was one of the best Bonerama sets I've seen.

I wasn't too keen on Big Sam's Funky Nation. I've been disappointed with them sometimes in the past. But, I was told to give it a chance. Yes! There was no leaving before the end of that set! They were definitely in the right slot! They brought it big time! There was no generic funk there!

I had so much fun. The music was awesome and it was a good time.

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