Monday, February 8, 2010

Galactic @ Brooklyn Bowl 2/7/09

It worked out that I got my Galactic after all! It was also so much nicer to see them at Brooklyn Bowl after the Saints won the Super Bowl as opposed to Terminal 5 when it was just a possibility.

I watched the game at a party hosted by an Indiana native. We all like him a lot, so almost everyone else there was rooting for the Colts. It was a lot of fun, and such a good game. Still, I needed to be in a room with lots of happy NOLA-lovers, getting down to some good and funky NOLA music.

They certainly delivered!

I got there at around 11. They ended at 12, but came out to do a few encore songs. I left during the encore, at about 12:20.

They had Cyrille Neville on percussion and Corey Henry on trombone playing the whole time. It was awesome!

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