Monday, February 15, 2010

AlasNoAxis @ 45 Bleeker 2/12/10

This is the Bleeker Street Theatre and it's a good space for music. I got there at about 10:20 and I got the impression they had just started. They were playing very quiet at that time.

The seats were all taken, but I found a good standing spot in the back. I could see pretty well. Search and Restore is going to be doing 4 nights of Kneebody next week. That's yet another great band, but now I can tell you from experience that search and restore only books great bands.

This show was truly awesome. They played for about 2 hours, including the encore. I was impressed with every moment and the fact that they gave us so much music. It was also Chris Speed's birthday. This is a really great band. Jim mentioned that the guitar player had to keep retuning because every tune is in a different key. The music is all stellar.

SEARCH & RESTORE is honored and humbled to present drum guru Jim Black and Alas No Axis, featuring Chris Speed, Skuli Sverrisson, and Hilmar Jensson.

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