Monday, December 28, 2009

Trio da Paz @ Jazz Standard 12/27/09

They are on my list every year, but I didn't get there until last night. I see why they get this end of year spot again and again. This is a fantastic Brazilian/jazz fusion trio!

Each of them had me focusing in on them at various times. They have a great rapport with each other. It's one of those ensembles where everything is aligned just right. I bet they've been playing together for a long time. I got the impression from their comments that they don't get the opportunity that often.

I loved all of it. They ran the gamut, beautiful Latin ballads, "I want to get up and dance Latin grooves, and whatever goes in between.

I had a great time and will think twice about missing future opportunities.

Romero Lubambo – guitar
Nilson Matta – bass
Duduka da Fonseca – drums and percussion
For more than two decades, Trio da Paz has updated the infectious spirit of jazz-oriented Brazilian music with its “distinct and sometimes dazzling flair for sophisticated jazz interplay and improvisation” (Mike Joyce, The Washington Post). Trio da Paz has become one of the best-known Brazilian jazz groups in the world with such acclaimed albums as Brazil From the Inside (featuring Herbie Mann and Joanne Brackeen), Black Orpheus, and the 2008 CD Live at JazzBaltica.
Featuring three of Brazil's most in-demand musicians, Trio da Paz updates the infectious spirit of jazz-oriented Brazilian music. Formed in 1990 by Romero Lubambo, Nilson Matta and Duduka da Fonseca, the Trio redefines Brazilian Jazz with their harmonically adventurous interactions, daring improvisations and dazzling rhythms. All three are seasoned masters of both jazz and Brazilian music with impressive resumes.

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