Friday, December 11, 2009

DTB @ Skirball 12/10/09

I looove this band and I looove this venue! I am a liitle sad that The Derek Trucks Band is about to go on hiatus. But, it will be awesome to see what Derek and Susan come up with and I'm all for families being together.

I chose a great seat, H14. It was on the end and the seats were arranged so that when I stood and danced the entire time I wasn't in anyone's way. It always bums be out that when there are seats, NYers tend to sit. I had a ball and was fortunate that the parterre by me had some dancers, so I didnt feel completely out of place. Although, I barely noticed them because the music was so enthralling.

It was so intimate. Possibly a little too intimate because some people felt they could talk to the band. I seemed to be near the few people having conversations during the show.

It was 2 hours start to finish and included a 2 song encore. Susan came out in the middle to play guitar on Any Day. Every note, every sound from the stage was excellent. Each of them caught me at moments. I love their style and sound. I was blown away yet again. This was such a high quality show.

I have a wish. I would love it if they got back together every now and then to do something even more special. I would truly love it if they did an entire show of The Music of John Coltrane. Greensleeves was unbelievable last night.

It was my first time hearing the new material. It's great. I got the cd and had my first listen today.

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