Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pablo Zeigler @ Jazz Standard 12/13/09

This was my first Pablo Zeigler show. I saw him sit in with another band before. It was great. The 1st half was pretty much the quartet, piano, bandoneon, guitar, and contrabass. The 2nd half also included David Sanchez on sax.

There was also one tune in the 1st set that was just a piano/guitar duo. That was great because I could pay attention and see how great the guitar is. He tended to blend in on the other tunes, and I didn't notice him as much then.

I remember one song where the bass was being played with a bow. It was a much lower sound than I'm accustomed to hearing when the use a bow. I wonder if that was due to low tuning or what. He was great whatever he was doing by the way.

I really love this tango/jazz fusion. I'm so glad that Jazz Standard books it so often.

Tango Meets Jazz Festival with The Pablo Ziegler Quartet With Special Guests Miguel Zenon (12/10 & 12/11) and David Sanchez (12/12 & 12/13)
Produced by Pat Philips & Ettore Stratta
Pablo Ziegler – piano

Claudio Ragazzi – guitar

H├ęctor del Curtobandoneon
Pedro Giraudo – bass

Special Guest: Miguel Zenon – alto saxophone (12/10-12/11)

Special Guest: David Sanchez – tenor saxophone (12/12-12/13)
From Puerto Rico to Buenos Aires the modern tango takes on a new musical dance when Jazz Standard proudly presents our seventh annual “Tango Meets Jazz” Festival, featuring and directed by pianist Pablo Ziegler, a master of this thrilling Argentine style and the creator (with Quique Sinesi and Walter Castro) of the Latin Grammy Award-nominated album Buenos Aires Report. Two outstanding saxophonists from Puerto Rico will be Pablo’s special guests for this run, with Miguel Zenon appearing 12/10–11 and David Sanchez joining in 12/12–13. “Ziegler plays straight from the beating, bleeding heart of nuevo tango, with its Argentinian mix of swagger and sweetness. His tunes stay firmly within the tradition, with an urgent, finely tuned control of tension and release.” (London Guardian)


Cantaloupe said...

Hi Terri, I am the manager for Pedro Giraudo, the bass player you mention in this nice blog post (glad you enjoyed the show; I was there too and thought it was terrific). Since you have a link to David Sanchez, I thought you might want to add a link to Pedro Giraudo also: And if you send me your email address, I'd like to put you on our mailing list for the Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra, since I see you are a real jazz fan and might want to catch one of our upcoming gigs (e.g., January 15-16 at Jazz Gallery). All Best, Ellen Azorin

Cantaloupe said...

the link for Pedro Giraudo is: http://www.pedrogiraudo.com
Email for me is: