Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GAT @ Brooklyn Bowl 12/20/09

Oh yeah! We really lucked out. The flight delay gods were looking out for us NYers! Mike D. couldn't get into Philly or NY in time for their North Star gig, but could get to NY in time to give us a full band show. The last minute listing had special guests tba, but there ended up not being any. I didn't really need any. It was being billed as The Snowstorm Jam. I also see they will probably make up the North Star gig. Hmmm, perhaps we will benefit yet again from that.

It was so awesome! I'm so glad I got to go the night before, too. I got to hear the same songs again, but they were much better with Mike D. I see why they were missing him so much. I loved the music the night before. I feel blessed I was there. I loved this music even more.

The venue is great. I do wish they had some kind of partition to make the performance space more intimate when they aren't going to fill the big space. I'm also very glad Skerik asked them to turn down the lights because they were way too bright. I'm assuming they will be bright for other shows. I am glad they left the lights alone. I don't think they should ever be moving them around, like they do at Highline or Sullivan Hall. Skerik also kept mentioning all of the tvs, which were probably distracting him. If you are facing the band, there are no tvs. I saw what he meant at setbreak, though.

He doesn't seem to play as much in this band. When he does, it's awesome. He and Marco each did a stint playing vibes with Mike. Stanton came over to play, and soon into that Mike took over the drumkit for a stint.

There were a few really great drum solos. They played The Real Morning Party twice, and it was completely different each time. I love Skerik's playing on it. I want to see him do a jazz show for jazz listeners some time. The 2nd time they played the song, Skerik took a break so it was heavy on the drums. I liked it both ways.

It was so worth the lack of sleep on Mon. I was actually so energized I had a very productive day. The new cd is also great. I love this band!

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