Monday, June 29, 2009

Radical Amazement @ The Stone 6/24/09

I was drawn to this due to the time, venue, and the names on the listing all looked foreign. I figured it was some kind of World music from some culture. I hadn't paid enough attention to notice it was a radical Jewish music project. I love those! Ok, I love almost any kind of cultural-inspired music.

We got a nice program booklet. The project uses Yiddish poetry of Abraham Joshua Heschel and compositions of Basya Schechter. The program also provided us with the English translation of the poems.

Baysa sang and played guitar and oud. The musicians were great. I loved the trumpet and the strings and the percussion. The percussionist has some very interesting instruments. A lot of them are things I've never seen before. Every time I looked at him, he was playing something completely different. He also had a doubek, floor tom, and other familiar things.

It was a great one hour set. They had just finished recording and were in good form for the performance.

Basya's Schecter's Heschel Project
Basya Schecter (oud, guitar, voice) Uri Sharlin (piano, accordion) Megan Weeder (violin) Yoed Nir (cello) Rich Stein (percussion) Frank London (trumpet)
Yiddish poetry of Abraham Joshua Heschel set to music

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