Monday, June 29, 2009

Marty Erlich/Ray Anderson Quartet @ The Stone 6/23/09

I love this band. I don't think I've known about them, but it was awesome. They were just coming off a European tour. I was debating about going out, and I love anything Marty Erlich is in. What pushed me over to the "yes" was seeing that Brad Jones would be playing bass. You can never get enough Brad Jones!

What is very interesting is that I was most enthralled with Matt Wilson on the drums. It may have had something to do with proximity, I was sitting in "the other front row" and could see him the best. I could see everyone except Ray pretty well, though. So I'm sure it was more than just proximity. He just had the house kit and a cowbell. There was something about all the different ways he was playing it that had me. I did have plenty of opportunities to listen and watch the others, and they were all amazing. This is a very talented quartet. Of course that's what I expected.

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