Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Douglas R. Ewart and Inventions @ Vision Fest 6/9/09

This is one of those incredible things I would probably only get to see at Vision Fest. Lots of alto flutes and tribal flutes and a bass sax and a clarinet and rhythm in the poetry. It was very well done and engaging. It was stellar and really touched me.

I wanted to stay for Butch Morris. I like how he was going to conduct poets and musicians. But, I have a big night tonight, so I felt I had to leave.

Douglas R. Ewart and Inventions
Shaku Joseph Jarman - flute, sax, poetry
Douglas R. Ewart - winds, percussion, voice
J.D. Parran - flute, clarinets and bass sax
Donald Smith - piano
Thurman Barker - drums and vibes
Amiri Baraka - words

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