Thursday, November 13, 2008

Susan Tedeschi @ Fillmore 11/12/08

I already had a ticket and since I live close, it seemed silly not to go for a bit. I was just kind of tired and unmotivated, which was the only reasons I considered blowing it off.

I'm glad I went, it was very enjoyable. I got there at 10 and figured I'd stay for 1/2 hour. I was into it enough to stay an hour. There were some dancers, but a lot of people were just standing still. There were various people talking at times, but usually not the buzz of a lot of people conversing at once.

After I put my coat down in a corner, it wasn't that hard to move past the stationary bodies and get a nice spot toward the front. It was good for a while, but then the lights started getting to me. Susan was also having a little trouble with the guitar tuning for some reason. Still, it sounded good, it was just when they started shining the lights on me I got annoyed.

Was it always that way or is this light annoyance I have due to a new way lights are being done in recent years? In the way past, the only time I remembering them bothering me was on the 2nd level at the Spectrum at Dead shows. They used to often shine the lights up there and it was annoying. Other than that, I don't remember ever having a problem.

It all started when NYC went no smoking. For a long time after that, almost every venue had a light front and center, and no one wanted to stand there. It was weird. I remember complaining about it at Tribeca Rock Club, but that didn't help. In more recent years, it's the many light crews that shine them in our faces, often a lot. That's why I was so happy with The Blender Theatre last week, they just had them shining down on the band in nice patterns and it looked good. Le Poisson Rouge is also fine when it comes to lights, I like how dark it is in there.

Anyway, I liked the 1 hour of Susan and I'm very glad I went.

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