Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reuban Wilson @ ReBar

I then got myself to the F train to Dumbo. It's so easy to get there and it's becoming a great area.

I got there at 11:20 and knew it was scheduled 9-12 and it was no cover. I found a dancing spot easily and the music was awesome. They actually ended at 11:30, and I found out they started early. That 10 minutes was so good, it was worth writing about.

It was as good as anything I've ever heard of that style. I felt like I was in NOLA during jazzfest or something. It was more along the 20th Congress, acid jazz style than NOLA funk. This guy Reuban Wilson is excellent. He also found the right people to play with, Cochmea Gastelum on sax, Al Street on guitar, Erick Kalb on drums, Yoshi Takemasa on percussion.

I was the only one really dancing that I could tell, until a couple of friends came over to join me. They were there all night, so were probably dancing somewhere in there at some point.

It was a nice space, exposed brick walls and ceilings and felt pretty nice. It was a shame so many people were talking, but that's what no cover at a local hang gets you. I assume it was kind of last minute, so I doubt they would have gotten that many people otherwise.

This is something everyone who likes this type of music would love to see, but may not know to go. They should do a big night at Highline with them, The Budos Band, Akoya Afrobeat, and a few of those other in the family. I can live without Sharon Jones myself, but I know that could be a big draw.

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