Monday, November 17, 2008

Improv Night Part II 11/15/08

I got there at 9:54 and Ikue Mori, Silvie Courvoisier and John Zorn were already into the 1st piece. It was great and I made a mental note to get there earlier on Improv Night (again).

Then we get the incredible Eric Friedlander, Adam Rudolph, Ches Smith and Trevor Dunn. This, of course, speaks for itself.

Then, right after that piece, Zorn comes up and shakes their hands on his way out and says "see you in a bit". Aha, they stared extra extra early so he could play. I have no idea where he had to be. We did get Jim Staley as an add-in for the rest of the night.

Then its Eyal Maoz, Ches Smith, and Trevor Dunn. If I recall, this was pretty experimental.

Next its Ikue, Sylvie, and that lap guitar again. I need to know this guys name. I really like him and I missed his name the 1st set, I was too worried about Friedlander getting a chair for the grand finale, I missed Zorn introducing everyone and no one introduced at the end of this set.

Now we get an Ikue/Staley duo that was great.

Then a great Adam Rudolph, Ches Smith, Trevor Dunn trio. Very nice!

Next, Scott Johnson and Eyal Maoz come up and Scott tells Ches and Trevor they have to stay because there's gonna be some wild guitar playing. You got that right! They rocked it! Or, should I say avant-rocked it! That was killer and these 4 should put something together.

Now, Adam was also offered the opportunity to stay for the last piece and he quickly and politely declined. We heard everyone downstairs give the awesome avant rock band accolades and then Adam say "we now have to do something quiet." I'm happy to say they didn't end up being quiet. Of course they were quieter, and great.

The last piece before the grand finale was with Ches, Staley, Dunn, and Sylvie. That was a nice setup.

Then, the grand finale was amazing. Eric Friedlander was sitting right in the middle of everyone, and he started it off. Oh my! He set the way for something really brilliant to come out. Everyone was feeding off of each other in an amazing way. It was insane.

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