Thursday, November 20, 2008

Annie Gosfield Trio @ The Stone 11/20/08

This was great! I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely didn't expect this! It was great, completely different and new music.

I've seen Annie around at shows, but I don't think I've ever seen her play. I don't think I've seen Roger Kleier either. You probably know I can't enough of Ches Smith. I also have found that anyone he plays with is worthy of high accolades. I would love to go to the 10pm set, which must be starting around now, Oscar Noriega, Ches Smith and Mary Halverson. But, I don't think I can stay up late given my late night last night. So, I opted for the early set with people I'm less familiar with.

It started out improvised, pretty out there music. It wasn't until late in the piece that Ches started playing the drums at all. He was playing the cymbals and the congs and some interesting things out of his stash. Everyone started off a little wierd, meaning atypical, but brilliant. They also meshed very well together. It sounded great and I was glad to be there.

Annie definitely has her own electronic/keyboard thing going on. It's quite different from what anyone else is doing and really great. Roger has some interesting ways of playing the guitar, which in iteself is a little different. I keep thinking I must have seen him before because the stickers on his guitar case look familiar. I just can't remember.

I think it was just one improvised piece. The 2nd piece might have been as well. That started out mellow and then became really rocking. Ches got into this amazing groove that hooked me right in. The whole thing reminded me a little of that 60's style avant-garde way of jamming with a sax trio that I still see a lot. But, it was also way different than that, much more unique. I was getting more and more happy I came.

The next 3 (I think it was 3) were compositions by Annie and they were phenomenal. Even though there were only about 6 paying customers, I didn't want to get up and dance, but I sure felt like it. I now need to look into her CDs.

I'm so glad I went and I'm so glad to discover something completely different.

Annie Gosfield Trio
Annie Gosfield (keyboards) Ches Smith (drums, percussion) Roger Kleier (electric guitar)

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Avery said...

You are so right - Annie Gosfield Trio was so skilled, noisy & fun, and truly musical. The Stone is one of those rare venues where you can go to any set at random and hear something worthwhile. But last night was special, even for The Stone.