Sunday, November 9, 2008

Derik -> Eric -> Eric -> Derek

I went to Highline on Thurs for The Derek Trucks Band. I got there around 8:15 or so and Mocean Worker was already on. It was the same lineup as when I saw them at Blue Note. They were excellent and I enjoyed it a lot. I do think I like them more at a smaller venue, though. As the weekend went on, I appreciated them more. I realized how much I preferred them to Chapter 2, the opener on Fri night.

dTb was as excellent as ever. That is definitely a consistently great band. They played 9-11:15. I was getting ready to go home early, which I knew was good so I could be up for the next night. Also, Greg convinced me to go to The New Mastersounds this weekend. He suggested I got Fri because he anticipated I would want to go Sat as well. I thought about it, but if I didn't get enough sleep it might be hard to do. Then, at 11:15, Greg tells me it's expected that Derek will be going to Sullivan Hall that night to sit in with Eric Krasno. Well, I had to go to that.

This was listed as Eric Krasno & Friends, but I found out the next night when they opened for dTb that they are calling themselves Chapter 2. It was Kraz, Nigel, Adam Deitch, and a bass player. I got to Sullivan Hall just before setbreak, at around 12. I heard Ivan and Ian Neville had just walked in, so we were expecting a sit in by them. The 2nd set started around 12:30 and went until 2am. Ian and Ivan sat in for a song after a few songs in. A little later Derek came up to sit in and he was great. It was nice seeing him in a smaller place that wasn't very crowded. It was easy to get up front. It was a funky set overall and I was glad I went and didn't mind having to pay for the lack of sleep the next day.

Then, I forgot to set the alarm. That was nice because it was enough sleep to not feel tired. I was happy because it saved my Fri. I was also more productive at work than if I hadn't slept in, so it was a good thing all the way around.

The next night dTb was at The Blender Theatre. I really like that place. I like how the floor is slanted so the site lines are a little better than other places. I also liked the lighting for dTb. It seemed very professional and I really felt like I was at a top-notch show. They would mainly just shine them down on the band, for the most part they were blue and yellow. I'm getting more sensitive to lights because of Sullivan Hall and Highline shining them in our faces so much. Highline annoyed me a lot the night before when they would turn on the lights and just kill the vibe. I thought the lighting at Blender enhanced the vibe.

So, it was Chapter 2 again opening. There were a couple of funky songs, but there were also a lot of slower songs this set. I got kind of bored and went downstairs to sit down and watch it on the screen. It is definitely a good band, it's just not my preference. I just don't care for Nigel and would prefer an instrumental band. They played from 8:10-9:00.

dTb came on at about 9:25ish. It was awesome and I think it was the same set. I loved seeing it again and even liked Fri night better than Thurs. I think it went until 11:30. I loved it. Towards the end of the set, Krasno and Deitch came out to sit in. Kofi also invited Nigel up. That worked well. Yonrico and Adam took turns on the kit. Krasno sounded awesome with them, as he always does. At Sullivan Hall the night before, Nigel was singing a small part and Derek started a call and response like he often does with Susan. Nigel didn't seem that into it, so it fizzled out after a couple of times. At Blender, it worked and they actually did it. While I'm not crazy about the style of music they do with Nigel, he does have a great voice and the call and response with Derek was awesome.

I also love that dTb chose to do "Get Out My Life". They do it really well.

Derek has been introducing the band for a while now. It was interested that both nights, everyone was introduced with their first and last names, but Todd Smallie, Derek would say very enthusiastically, "Todd the bass player. Todd the bass player!" I will say that Todd had me in awe most of the show. I mean all of them are awesome and together they are truly incredible. But, there were some moments where it was hard to hear anyone else, Todd was so amazing.

I saw someone last night who was at the dTb Halloween show. He said it was phenomenal. I see it's up on Archive.

This was a nice part of my weekend.

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