Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aethereal Bace and Drew Gress’ Jagged Sky @ Tap Bar 11/25/08

For my last show before the holiday I went to the Search and Restore gig at The Knit. This Tap Bar show was the only thing going on over there. There were many other options, but Nasheet Waits in one band and Kenny Wollensen in another and the inexpensiveness of it all made this the one for me.

I got there at around 8:40 and Aethereal Bace was already on. The probably came on at 8:30 because they ended at 9:30, so I got a good set. I really love this band consisting of 2 drummers and a sax. This is one of my current favorites. They were just as awesome as the last time I saw them.

I was also reflecting how the 1st time I noticed Nasheet Waits was at a winter Jazzfest at The Knit. Ever since then, I seek him out and get to as many of his gigs as I can. I'm a little surprised to see it was actually Aethereal Bace at the 2008 Winter Jazzfest - I didn't even know! Yup, my new favorite band and one of my favorite drummers. Its a good choice because he's involved in many different projects. (OOOH YEAH - I just saw that Winter Jazzfest will be at 3 West Village venues, including Le Poisson Rouge this year. I'll just let it go that on eof them is Sullivan Hall, it's not so bad anymore since I went there 3 nights in a row).

The next band was quite special. They haven't played together for 10 years. Drew Gress, Kenny Wollensen, Ben Monder, and Dave Binney. Hopefully, this is the start of them playing at least every now and then. They were awesome. The Tap Bar always brings loud drinkers back by the bar, its just the way it is. To get away from the chatter, I had to go sit down in the front row. Thank you loudmouths! It was really nice up there. They have a lot of seats out there for the Search & Restore shows. Before I had been dancing in the space between the sound guy and the seats, which technically was the aisle. Fortunately, it was just me or they might have made me move if more followed.

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