Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zenophilia @ The Stone

Ah, The Stone. I actually almost turned down Ave B and I felt like I was going to a strange new place as I walked there. It's been too long.

It was excellent! I only knew Anthony Coleman, but the 3 Italian guys were awesome. I knew it had to be, since Coleman only plays with great people.

At first, I thought they were improvising, but then I realized they were reading music. I'm not sure if there was still room to improvise or not.

Every moment was fabulous, but there was one song that particularly had me going. The rhythm was intense. The drummer was doing some great thing, that included a lot of funky bass drum. The bass was right in synh with the bass drum. I wanted to jump out of my awesome front row living room seat! It reminded me of a kickass latenight show in NOLA. It wasn't like that, it just reminded me of that.

I bought some cds from their independent label, El Gallo Rojo. I just started listening. I'm hoping to find that one tune on one. So far, I'm liking the one I started listening to. They were $12 each, which I thought was very reasonable in today's market.

El Gallo Rojo Records presents: ZENOPHILIA
Anthony Coleman (piano) Zeno De Rossi (drums) Danilo Gallo (bass) Francesco Bigoni (sax)

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