Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bill Frisell 858 Quartet @ Village Vanguard 4/18/08

I'm still blown away by how awesome that was. I made a reservation that day for the 9pm show. It was my first time seeing Bill Frisell, and I am extremely impressed. I'm assuming those were all his own arrangements.

I walked in at 8:20 and was able to get a seat right up front. The one on the other side table in the booth area on the left-hand side, right next to but slightly behind Jenny Schienman. A really great vantage point. It was already packed, and almost full to capacity. I was so glad for that seat because I noticed chairs for the band and that they would be sitting the entire time. I realized I couldn't remember what exactly this quartet was comprised of. I read the Vanguard advertisement with the monthly schedule, and I realized this was a string quartet. I was a little worried it was going to be chamber music and very mellow and I was too tired for that.

I guess it was chamber music, but it was quite different and very lively. It was stellar. Amazing. I was completely mesmerized the entire time. I am so impressed with all of them. It was also great to see Jenny on the violin. I have to go next week to see her again and Tony Sherr on bass.

I do remember thinking how I really need to see this again this run. Well, I got my chance when they announced that you could stay for the 2nd set for $10 no minimum. Oh yeah! Sleep can wait. I think I liked the 2nd set even more, if that's possible.

The first set I was mainly mesmerized by Jenny's playing. However, I could notice how awesome the rest of them were. Kang was doing some very interesting things on the viola. It got kind of avant-garde-ish at times. This music was not like anything I've heard before, so it's even harder to describe than usual. I didn't really hear much out of Frisell that first set, but I was still impressed with his compositions and I did like what I did hear.

2nd set brought me more appreciation for Frisell's playing. I had many aha moments that set. Roberts was the super-duper star that set. I do feel like I was in the presence of real greatness from each of them, though.

I have to figure out when I want to go next week, because I must see this sextet at least once. I hope I can stay for the 2nd set again. Hmm, the monthly schedule said sextet with the 6th being Jenny Scheinman, but the website says quintet. Whatever, I'm there!

Apr 15 - Apr 20
Jenny Scheinman-violin, Eyvind Kang-viola, Hank Roberts-cello

Apr 22 - Apr 27
Second Week!
Chris Cheek-sax, Ron Miles-tpt,
Tony Scherr-b, Rudy Royston-d

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