Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bill Frisell Quintet @ Village Vanguard 4/26/08

Back to the Vanguard last night for another phenomenal set of music. It was excellent! I loved how they face each other and are really into it. It's definitely more like they are playing for themselves and we are lucky enough to be invited.

It was so nice to see Tony Sherr on the bass again. It seems it's few and far between lately. He was really into it and a lot of fun to watch. He is a really great player.

I loved the drummer. I think this was my first time seeing him.

It was very lively. I also love how they don't take breaks in between songs. They do let me dance there, but it was too crowded to do so last night. I simply moved around a lot in my seat and enjoyed watching everything I could in such tight quarters.

He mixes up a lot of different genres, but it all seems to come back to jazz in some way. The last song was especially riveting and really made me want to get up. It was an arrangement of that Dizzy Gillespe song. The one where people would say "salt peanuts" often. There were no vocals whatsoever, which I love.

The next set was sold out, so there was no chance of staying. I just got lucky the week before, probably due to passover.

Apr 22 - Apr 27
Second Week!
Chris Cheek-sax, Ron Miles-tpt,
Tony Scherr-b, Rudy Royston-d

It was great and very satisfying. I had some friends with me, and when we parted I considered heading over to Banjo Jim's for Brooklyn Funk Essentials. But, it was getting chilly. I stopped at home and then decided I was satiated and could be happy making it an early night.

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