Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ches Smith & These Arches @ The Stone 4/24/08

I started at The Stone for an excellent band, Ches Smith and These Arches. I am so impressed they actually came up with this mixture of great artists. The songs were all composed by Ches and were each unique and different.

Toward the end, I was wondering if he wrote the compositions with these particular artists in mind. Their own unique styles really came out in each piece. I also started wondering about Todd Sickafoose's Blood Orange. It's the same music, but fresh and different each time. It's because it's always a different group of artists.

At the very end, Andrea Parkins commented to the other musicians that they all created something. That helped me get part of my answer, in that they each brought their own unique style to it.

It was really great and I hope they do it again. I found myself caught up in a different player for a moment, and then switching over to someone else. It all sounded great.

4/24 Thursday (JC)
8 pm
Ches Smith and These Arches
Tony Malaby (saxophone), Andrea Parkins (accordion, electronics), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Ches Smith (drums)

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