Friday, December 7, 2007

Niamh Hyland @ Parkside Lounge

I finally got a chance to see my friend, Niamh Hyland (pronounced “Neve”) sing last night. I knew she was very talented and had a deep, bluesy voice. I knew because I have heard her start singing along to music in a bar once. But, seeing her perform on stage was great. She’s a skinny white Irish girl with a big black soulful voice.

There was a lot of talent last night, all from her workplace. They were doing a benefit for Lula, a dog one of her coworkers adopted who now has cancer. There were comedians, singers, one small band. One guy originally from TX sang a Marc Broussard song. It was all well done. I hope they collected more from others who didn’t show, because I don’t see how they got much more than $500 from the attendance. It think they said the vet bills are expected to be about $10k.

It was a cool concept. They had it at Parkside Lounge and they just had to make sure they hit a drink minimum.

Anyway, this hopefully got Niamh back into pursuing a music career. She seemed to be the big hit amidst all that talent.

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