Thursday, December 27, 2007

Paquito D'Rivera & Funk Tango @ Dizzy's 12/26/07

I only make it to Dizzy's 2-4 times a year, but I really like it there. It's the expense and the distance that keeps me away. I think it's the fanciest of the jazz clubs and still has a nice vibe. I've only eaten a few things there over the years, but the food is pretty good. Again, the only horrible jazz club with horrible food is Blue Note.

Anyway, since I missed the tango music at Jazz Standard at the beginning of the month I really wanted to get to this. I know all music at Dizzy's is stellar and this was no exception. I got my favorite seat, the bar stool closest to the kitchen, where I'm allowed to stand and dance a little. It's also a great vantage point. I don't like the stools in the center, because it's tight when the waiters walk by, which is often since they need to get to the bar.

This is the band from the listing:
Featuring Paquito D'Rivera, alto saxophone & clarinet; Diego Urcola, trumpet & valve trombone; Alex Brown, piano; Hector Del Curto, bandoneon; Pernell Saturnino, percussion; Oscar Stagnaro, bass; Mark Walker, drums.

Amazing! They were pushing the cd and said all of the songs are from that cd. I don't really need anymore jazz cds, I prefer to hear that kind of stuff live.

They had a drummer and 2 percussionists, which was great. I must admit I didn't really need the trumpet/trombone since Paquito was so amazing. The bandoneon is apparantly a big part of tango music and looks kind of like an accordion without the keyboard part. It sounded similar to an accordian or a melodica. Here is an interesting wikipedia article about tango with a picture of the bandoneon:

I thought the electric bass was a nice touch. I especially enjoyed Paquito, the drummer, and the piano.

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