Thursday, April 26, 2012

Improv Night @ The Stone 4/15/12

It was like the old Improv Nights, a 1 hour set of great music with different improviser mashups and the grand finale with everyone.  I loved it and missed not going.  I do admit I especially wanted to go when I saw Steven Bernstein and Adam Rudolf on the listing, and neither of them made it there.  We instead got Frank London on trumpet and I'm not sure who the other drummer/percussionist was.

The first piece included John Zorn on alto, Uri Gurvich on alto and Frank London on trumpet.  3 excellent horns that set us up for a wonderful night.

Next was the amazing Jon Madof on guitar, Dave Fulmer on violin, and someone great on vibrophone.  It was awesome.

Zorn & Andrea Centazzo on a cool drumset.  It consisted of big drumheads of different sizes with small bodies, rattles, bells, lots of cymbals and cowbells, etc.  He was so good and very powerful.  It was really an awesome setup.

After that Andrea Centazzo stayed up with his awesome drumset, Jeremiah Cymerman on clarinet, Frank London on trumpet, and that vibes player again.  It was getting more and more interesting as the night went on.

Then we had a violin & snare drum duo.  The snare drum was that other unlisted drummer and the violin was Dave Fulmer from before.

Then we got Madof, Uri Gurvich and I think Frank London.  There's always one piece I can't quite remember when I go to write it up.

Madof was invited to stay up with the vibes and that snare drum guy who came up with more percussion this time.

Next was the violin, Uri on alto, and Frank on trumpet.

Then we get a great percussion trio (vibes, Centazzo, and that snare guy again with even more percussion).

Then Jeremiah with Uri's cool electric mic and one other, I think it was Frank.  Jeremiah was so awesome that I was mesmerized and couldn't pay much attention to anything else.

After that we had the grand finale with everyone which is always fun.

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