Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dezron Douglas Quintet @ Small's 3/23/12

I was especially drawn to this show to see Stacy Dillard.  I really love him.  The whole band was great, he just especially gets to me.  They were recording for a live CD.  It didn't stop the talkers in the back.  It's nice how people come and go there and I eventually got a bar stool right up by the stage.  The talkers eventually left, too.

It was a great lineup and some really awesome music. Each of then enhanced the music in a big way.

I could even handle Dezron's Giant tribute "Big Blue Wrecking Crew".  Given that I'm from Philly, that's huge.

The Dezron Douglas Quintet (LIVE RECORDING)
Dezron Douglas - Bass , Josh Evans - Trumpet , Stacy Dillard - Tenor Sax , David Bryant - Piano , Willie Jones III - Drums

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