Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bob Degan/Valentin Garvie @ Romanfabrik, Frankfurt, Ger 3/29/12

Piano and trumpet/fugelhorn playing variations on the music of Thelonius Monk and Paul Hindemith.  It made for some awesome music.  It was a great space to listen in.  It reminded me of the space in the Rubin Museum only about half the width and they had a bar in the back.  The seats were around tables.  It felt really good in there.  There were no mics for the piano or trumpets.  Valentin would step up to a mic at times to tell us about the compositions.  He spoke in German, of course.  I was with a friend who was able to let me in on it.  They did some Monk pieces that were originally written for an octet.  There was one piece where Valentin played both trumpet and flugelhorn at the same time for quite a while.  Impressive.  He also played the piccolo trumpet sometimes.  I enjoyed both of them and the compositions a lot.

I used google to translate this, so it's not perfect:
Bob Degen & Valentin Garvie
& Hindemith Variations on Monk

The American Bob Degen (piano) and the Argentinian Valentin Garvie (trumpet, flugelhorn) have their musical collaboration has gorgeous with their CD Community: What's Your Dream (2008), together with Ralf Cetto and Uli Schiffelholz, and the 2010 released CD Jake Remembered demonstrated. The critic Hans-Jürgen Linke stated: ". Maybe Valentin Garvie is exactly the musician, Bob has been missing sword" Now they face a new duo again reduced project before, in which they maintain the traditions of their musical heritage. The jazz pianist Bob Degen, for years at home in Frankfurt, brings a Thelonius Monk, coming from classical Valentin Garvie, a member of the Ensemble Modern, the leading composer Paul Hindemith Hanau in his luggage. This promises to be a highly artistic musical Glass Bead Game to be!

In friendly cooperation with the Frankfurt Jazz Initiative.

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