Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ras Moshe Music Now Ensemble @ DMG 7/24/11

The M15 Select is quick and takes me 1 block from Downtown Music Gallery!  Shame on me for not going there more.  Now I know.  It only takes me about 20 minutes door to door.  You can take the L train from any of the 14th St stations to 3rd Ave and then get the M15 Select on 2nd Ave just above 13th St.  There are machines to put in your Metrocard and get a paper receipt.  The machine knows if it is a free transfer or an unlimited card.  You don't show the ticket to the bus driver, but you may be asked to show it by an inspector.  It makes loading the bus much quicker.

DMG has free creative music every Sun night at 6pm.  Sometimes it's one band, sometimes there is a double-header with another band at 7pm.  There have been a few occasions with a band at 8pm.  I'm on their mailing list, which is a good source for seeing what they have in stock AND nyc creative music listings.

So this night was a double-header and I was curious about the 2nd band.  I didn't pay much attention to the listing, so I didn't realize Ras was up first.  Lucky me! I love all of his projects! He seems to have different and great people every time I see him. He had Kyoko Kitamura, the singer (I've seen him with her before), Anders Nilson an guitar, and Andrew Drury on drums.  It was awesome and very engaging.  I'm glad I came out early.

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