Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nicholas Payton @ Iridium 8/6/11

I really wanted to get to this.  I didn't really look into it too carefully, I just wanted to see Nicholas.  I was disappointed - too smooth.  The people there who knew what they were getting themselves into were loving it.  Nick was playing the Rhodes a lot and the trumpet a little.  I mostly didn't care for the style of the keyboard.  It just wasn't my kind of sound.  The music was heavy on the contrabass and light on the drums which definitely isn't my preference.  The drums and bass were excellent, which was a saving grace.

There were moments - some killer trumpet riffs, great bass solos, and some good drum moments.  It was definitely more in the smooth jazz side - which is one of the few sides of jazz I'm not into.  Actually, I would categorize it as "Smooth Soul Jazz".  Double whammy.  Oh well, it's so rare for me to get a show with talented artists that I don't enjoy.  Live and learn.

Nicholas Payton’s XXX band featuring Billy Drummond & Robert Hurst
Sexy music for grown ups

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