Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jenny Scheinman @ Village Vanguard 8/16/11

This is one hellofa band!  I loved it at the Vanguard.  The music is phenomenal.  She said each set will be different.  We could stay for the 2nd set for an additional 1 drink minimum, but I knew I couldn't do it.

They made another change to the paying system.  You now pay your server.  That means it takes a lot less time to seat everyone and my old strategies no longer work.  It's a good thing overall, you just need to get there earlier to get a good seat.

They had advance copies of the new CD available.  They will be available to the general public in early 2012.  It's awesome.  Everything they played was awesome as well. I loved it!

Mischief & Mayhem at The Village Vanguard, NYC
Jenny Scheinman, Nels Cline, Jim Black, Todd Sickafoose
Tuesday, August 16 – Sunday, August 21, 2011
Advance limited edition M&M cd available to Vanguard attendees only – come pick one up!

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