Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bustle In Your Hedgerow @ Brooklyn Bowl 8/12/11

This may very well be the best show I've seen all year.  I walked in at 9:30 and they were already on.  I remember thinking I haven't been to truly great music this level ever.  Of course that's not true, but it really was better than you could possibly imagine.  It's the right venue for this.  They've also gotten so much better over the years.

They are all magnificent, but Joe Russo is the most magnificent of all.  I'm happy for him and his career, but I selfishly want more of him playing with magnificent musicians at small venues here in NYC.  I also really miss The Duo.  I miss them almost as much as I miss Tonic.

It was 2 sets of amazing excellent Led Zeppelin music played better than Led Zeppelin themselves in the studio.  Questlove came out at the end so we had 2 great drummers.  It was so awesome!

Bustle In Your Hedgerow
Featuring Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Dave Driewitz and Scott Metzger


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