Monday, August 22, 2011

Baudolino’s Dilemma @ Local 269 8/14/11

This was awesome.  I had Sun night things to do at home, but the 15-20 min I got was great.  I loved those wild short frenetic trumpet blasts.  Unfortunately, I don't know who was playing trumpet.  There was a TBD sax in the listing..

Brad Farberman's
Sunday, August 14
@ the Local 269
269 East Houston Street
F train to 2nd Avenue
$10 *for the night*

The Hands Down

Jessica Lurie (reeds, leader)
Ben Syversen (trumpet)
Brian Drye (trombone)
Michael Bates (bass)
Sean Dixon (drums)

Baudolino’s Dilemma

TBA (alto sax)
Warren Smith (vibes)
Ken Filiano (bass, leader)
Michael T.A. Thompson (drums)

Brad Farberman’s Stringful Souls feat. Steve Dalachinsky

Jason Kao Hwang (violin)
Sarah Bernstein (violin)
Brad Farberman (guitar)
Marco Cappelli (guitar)
Ken Filiano (bass)
Dominic Lash (bass)
James Ilgenfritz (bass)
Steve Dalachinsky (words)
***We'll be premiering a piece I've assembled for Steve! "Thoughtful Ruminations" collects YouTube comments in response to free-jazz videos. Don't miss this!***

Pet Bottle Ningen

Nonoko Yoshida (alto sax)
Dave Scanlon (guitar)
Dave Miller (drums)

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Stephen Haynes said...

Happy to hear that you enjoyed the music on the oh so rainy Sunday night at Local 269! The trumpet player in fact played cornet: Stephen Haynes. To follow my work, see my blog ( or visit my music page on Facebook.