Friday, February 11, 2011

Russ Lossing Spider's Web @ Cornelia St. 2/3/11

This band is all about feeling. Ellery is always full of sounds I can feel with every fiber of my being. I loved the drum solo in the 1st set. Eric McPherson is the other drummer in Aethereal Bace, one of my favorite bands. There were a lot of piano/bass duo portions that were as enthralling as when everyone was playing. The first set was one long continuous piece that lasted about 45 min. They had music stands, but I suspect that was a sketch which left plenty of room for improvising. I left after the 30 min piece on the 2nd set as they started another.

Russ Lossing, piano, compositions;
Ellery Eskelin, saxophone;
Mark Helias, bass;
Eric McPherson,, drums

New York based jazz pianist, composer and recording artist Russ Lossing has composed over 400 works and has an international reputation as a world class improviser. Lossing has nine releases as leader on Hat Hut, Clean Feed, Fresh Sound, Double Time and OmniTone record labels. His critically acclaimed new solo piano release “All Things Arise” on Hat Hut Records “bridges the worlds of jazz and new music, the pieces feeling as if they arise out of the primal silence of the universe. Even the ‘standards’ feel as if they’re emerging newly formed from a magnificent world of thought and impulse.” Lossing’s Fresh Sound release,"Phrase 6" has quickly become a cult classic among musicians and his new cd ‘Line Up’, a duo with bassist john H├ębert, has been hailed a ‘tour de force’.

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